What is a BlogRoll

What is a BlogRoll?

If you’re new to blogging, you might have thought “what is a blogroll” and wondered what it meant. In this post, we’ll define a blogroll, explain why it’s helpful, and show you how to make one for your own site. These have been around for a long time and have many different iterations, some legitimate and some incredibly spammy. It is worthwhile doing them correctly.

What is a Blogroll?

A blogroll is a collection of links to other blogs that a blogger finds interesting and wishes to share with their audience. It often displays in a blog’s sidebar or bottom and allows visitors to quickly and easily discover new blogs and increase their reading list.

Blogrolls are frequently categorized by category, for example, “design blogs,” “photography blogs,” or “food blogs.” This makes it easier for readers to find blogs that are of interest to them.

Why is a Blogroll Useful?

A blogroll can be beneficial to both bloggers and their readers for various reasons:

Discover New Blogs

One of the key advantages of a blogroll is that it can help readers discover new blogs that they might not have discovered otherwise. Bloggers can assist their followers find new sources of inspiration and information by giving a list of suggested blogs.

Build Relationships with Other Bloggers

The inclusion of other blogs in your blogroll might aid in the development of relationships with other bloggers in your niche. You can assist develop goodwill and identify yourself as a helpful member of the blogging community by promoting their blogs and sharing their content with your followers.

Increase Traffic to Your Blog

When you add another blog to your blogroll, the blogger may reciprocate by adding your site to theirs. By introducing your material to a new audience, you can improve traffic to your site.

How to Create a Blogroll

Making a blogroll is a straightforward process. Here are the steps to creating a blogroll for your own blog:

Identify Blogs to Include

The first step is to determine which blogs you want to add in your blogroll. Begin by generating a list of blogs that you enjoy reading and that are relevant to your area. You can also hunt for blogs that are well-known in your business or have a comparable target audience to yours.

Organize Your Blogroll

After you’ve decided which blogs to add, you’ll need to sort them into categories. This can improve the usability of your blogroll and make it easier for users to identify blogs that are relevant to their interests.

Add the Blogroll to Your Blog

Most blogging platforms, including WordPress and Blogger, include widgets that enable you to create and display a blogroll on your site. Simply drag and drop the blogroll widget onto your sidebar or bottom, then customize the settings to include the sites you wish to include.

Best Practices for Creating a Blogroll

Here are some best practices to keep in mind when creating a blogroll for your blog:

Be Selective

While it may be tempting to include as many sites as possible in your blogroll, it is critical to be judicious and include those blogs that you actually love reading and that are related to your topic. This will assist you in ensuring that your blogroll is of good quality and beneficial to your readers.

Keep it Up-to-Date

It’s critical to keep your blogroll up to date by adding new sites on a regular basis and eliminating those that are no longer active. This will help to keep your blogroll relevant and beneficial to your viewers.

Organize Your Blogroll

As previously stated, categorizing your blogroll can assist make it more user-friendly and easier for readers to identify related blogs. Consider categorizing your blogroll by niche, topic, or location.

Use Descriptive Titles

Use descriptive titles that appropriately reflect the substance of the blog when adding blogs to your blog roll. This will make it easier for readers to find blogs that are relevant to their interests.

Reach Out to Other Bloggers

If you put another blogger’s blog in your blogroll, you should contact them and let them know. This can help you build a relationship with the blogger, which may result in them endorsing your site in return.

Consider Including Your Own Blog

Including your own site on your blogroll may seem paradoxical, but it can be an excellent strategy to promote your material to new visitors. Just make sure to put your own blog at the bottom of the list so it doesn’t appear that you’re favoring your own content over others.


Finally, a blogroll is a collection of links to other blogs that a blogger enjoys reading and would like to share with their readers. It can be a great tool for both bloggers and readers because it allows you to discover new blogs, connect with other bloggers, and improve traffic to your own.

It’s vital to be judicious when constructing a blogroll, to keep it up to date, to organize it into categories, to use descriptive titles, to reach out to other bloggers, and to consider incorporating your own site.

So, whether you’re an experienced blogger or just getting started, consider including a blogroll on your site to assist your viewers discover new blogs and increase their reading list.

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