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If you would like to submit a site you believe should be on a list, you have found the right place. Enter your information in the form below. The cost for the submission process is $68 USD. This is the cost of a team member evaluating the submission for inclusion on one or multiple blogger lists on this site. Paying this fee does not guarantee a spot on a list (if we do not feel you qualify).

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    Submission FAQ

    What am I paying for?

    The $68 USD cost is for a team member to look over the submitted information and evaluate the site to see if it should be included on any current or future lists on this site. If you are who you say you are and have a quality publication, there will most likely be no issues, but we reserve the right to make the final decision based on our internal criteria.

    At the completion of the evaluation process, you will receive an email confirming the results of the findings. If for some reason your listing submission results in no list placement, you will receive an email with insights as to why that might be and what you could do before submitting again.

    How long does the evaluation process take?

    A maximum of two weeks from the submission date, but often 1 – 3 days. You will receive an email with the results of the evaluation and we guarantee this will be no later than 14 days after your submission. The email could come sooner, but whenever it is sent out, that will mark the completion of the process.

    If I pay the submission fee, does it guarantee list placement?

    No, you have to be legitimate. Look at the other people on the list (or lists) you are trying to submit for. If you do not have a mix of audience and content quality as good as the lowest people on the list, you are not going to be put in front of them. The fee is for someone to take a look and evaluate what is submitted.

    What is your site criteria for something making a list?

    The exact mix and all factors considered are proprietary and private, but we can say that some of the aspects it includes are (1) site traffic (2) amount of content (3) quality of information (4) frequency of posting (5) design (6) social media engagement and followings. Anything that has to do with serving information, to an audience, well.

    Do you sell any of the information I am giving to you?

    We will never sell any of the data you are giving to us privately in this form unless noted. We do, however, gather lots of “public information”. We consider anything you or your organization members post on your site, social media, or other places that the public can view at no cost or major barriers as public information. We may provide this gathered information but we will always acknowledge what it is (publically gathered information) and that none of the participants have opted in to receive marketing correspondents with us.

    Can I check with you first to see if good enough before paying?

    No. There are no tricks here, it should be semi-apparent if you belong on the list by looking at the others included and see what they have going on compared to you. We are in favor of getting the right people on there, we have no reason to do any weird holdbacks or anything like that. If you are really unsure, then consider the $68 evaluation fee a great opportunity to get some actionable insights from a third party. You may, however, be upset with a overall rank, which is understandable, but you are just going to have to be happy with the visibility and the backlink and move on.

    Is submitting a site this way the only way to get listed?

    No, we may find you organically in our research and sporadic updates. Going through this process is a way to guarantee your site or platform gets looked at.